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Is it summer already?!

Well, not quite, but it's the end of May, the temperature is finally warming up here in Wisconsin, and we're working on wrapping up our home school year. Summer is indeed, just around the corner.

The past year had been a whirlwind for our family. Our oldest daughter got married, with a beautiful backyard wedding at my in-laws, our younger daughter graduated high

school and has been working full time, and the baby of the family, our son who I look up to quite literally, is finishing up his first year of high school.

All of that is quite a full plate of big changes, but at the end of summer 2022, I also purchased re:Craft and Relic.

re:Craft and Relic is a two day shopping event with nearly 200 booth spaces and thousands of attendees, and it happens several times throughout the year. My husband and I shadowed the previous owners through their November event, then took over and hosted events in January and April. Our first event felt like a trial by fire with a big Wisconsin snowstorm that weekend! There's so much work and so many details that go into pulling off an event of this size but oh what an awesome job to have! I love connecting the community with local businesses and to do it on such a big scale is an honor.

If you've noticed that I seemed to disappear here and on social media and even with in person events... this is why! Life got crazy and this wonderful little business had to be put on the back burner temporarily.

With a longer break before our next big event in November, I finally feel like I can come up for air! I spent a Saturday refreshing paint in the stairway and the dining room. I spent Sunday morning at a flea market with my husband. Life is certainly still busy but I'm finally finding larger pockets of free time again so I'm working through taking inventory and getting the Etsy shops fully open. You'll see more and more items being added, and quite a few sales as I clear out some products to make room for new inspirations!

You can also find a selection of pieces at some cool places around Wisconsin. Find the list of locations here.

Hopefully your summer will be filled with pockets of lazy days and family memories!

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