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About A Happy Thought Indeed

Home school Mama / Midwest Maker

About the shop:

It all started with a Mr. Darcy necklace. My mother in law had an upcoming craft fair and asked a couple of us girls if we’d like to make something to sell. I made some Mr. Darcy necklaces out of an old tattered copy of Pride and Prejudice and was THRILLED that a few people bought them! Things snowballed from there to me creating pieces and selling at sometimes up to 40 craft fairs and art markets in a year. With my jewelry and gift items in stores too, this little business was becoming too much of a pull outside of my home. I was pushing things more into an online direction when Covid hit and was really an even bigger push to pivot toward selling online. So here we are. Instead of lugging a tent and tables around Wisconsin every weekend, I’m setting up shop right here for you!

Handmade jewelry and candles, bath products and fun magnets, key chains and so much more: all created with the purpose of being both #ontrendANDaffordable because you shouldn’t have to choose just one or the other.

The candles are my DREAM candle: delicious scents, hand poured soy, wood wick, in glass jars with labels made with a typewriter and old book pages.

The jewelry collection has something for everyone: I create pieces using raw brass, eco-friendly acetate and discarded books. These pieces are designed to be affordable, perfect for gift giving or jazzing up your wardrobe without breaking the bank.


About me:

I love my home and I really love the people in it!


As a homeschooling mama to 3 kids, home has been our central hub for a couple of decades now.

We do our school work at home, we run businesses from home, we have church at home… but it’s also where we relax and have fun with gaming weekends and Packer parties, movie nights and sleepy Sunday afternoons.


We live a lot of life here!

Since we spend so much time here, I’m always trying to make our home as cozy and welcoming as possible. It’s not always easy in a 100 yr old house, but I’m working on creating style and function out of every nook of this little home. If you wandered around my house you’d find a LOT of vintage books, rocks and geodes, colorful walls and so many plants. I’d describe the vibe as scandimaximalism/eclectic/curated colorful coziness… whatever that means!

New in 2023, A Happy Thought Indeed has temporarily taken a bit of a backseat to my role as owner/organizer of re:Craft and Relic.  After many years of selling my work at events every weekend, I've been transitioning to being the organizer of events that connect artists, makers, food trucks, vintage curators and pop up boutiques to the community that is excited to support them! If you're local to the Milwaukee area or love a good road trip to the Midwest, I hope you'll check out re:Craft and Relic.

What’s with the name?

A Happy Thought Indeed started with those Mr. Darcy necklaces, so I chose a favorite quote from Pride & Prejudice.




It’s classic snarky Jane Austen and if you know, you know!

“Shelves in a closet, a happy thought indeed.”

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