A Happy Thought Indeed

Just a Home School / Boss mom trying to make it work

Hey friends! Welcome to a little corner of my life. Hang out with me for a few minutes and you’ll find out pretty quickly what things matter most to me in this life:

  1. Loving Jesus

  2. Loving my husband/Loving our kids

You know, I thought I had more, and I suppose I do but there’d have to be books and books worth of blank spaces before I get to things like:

  • Creating a home that is a comfortable, inspiring and welcoming place

  • Homeschooling my kids from Kindergarten through High School and encouraging other moms that are doing the same

  • Collecting vintage books, rocks/geodes and general thrifted goodness

  • Helping basically anyone around me turn what they already love to do into a small business/side hustle


The intention of my business is to share a bit of my life with you, you can share a bit of your life with me, and along the way I’d like to offer you inspiration, encouragement and some good old fashioned problem solving. In the words of lyrical genius, Vanilla Ice, “If you got a problem , yo I’ll solve it.”

Sure, I’m selling products, and maybe you’ll see something you love and have to have and I’ll send it your way... but even in that, I hope to be the solution to a problem like “I wish I could find the perfect pair of earrings as a gift for my friend and still have money in the budget for gas or groceries.” So feel free to share, ask questions, etc and join me every once in a while in my (eclectically decorated) little corner of the world.




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