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Updated: Sep 17, 2021

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onward so as to make progress

2020 is behind us and all we can do is continue to move forward. There's bound to be new hardships and challenges, but also new experiences and surprises along the way.

My youngest brother is getting married, my oldest daughter is graduating from high school,(my first home school graduate!) and my husband is starting a new part time job to supplement the business he's been working at growing over the past year. Even in a year filled with uncertainty, there are always things to look forward to!

home school
home school

We spent the first week of the new year with family in Georgia and it's always great to have my photographer/sister on hand for some new product photography!

Well, product shots seamlessly turned into a senior picture photo shoot and I'm so thankful my sister snapped these gorgeous pics!

I know many are new to homeschooling this year, but for us, it's been a deliberate lifestyle from kindergarten all the way through high school.

There are so many emotions swirling with my first graduate out the door! (Not literally, we won't kick them out at 18!)

There's a sense of accomplishment:

"This was hard, but I stuck with it and I'm really proud of myself." AND

"This was hard, but SHE stuck with it and I'm really proud of HER."

There's that ever-present mom guilt:

"Did I screw this up? What if she needs Latin or Greek or the comprehensive history of French literature??"

And of course the nostalgia for days gone by and missing her before she even has any plans to leave...

home school highschool

Time moves forward, we just can't stop it, but would we really want to anyway?

Life is all about seasons and even a year that saw unprecedented hardships had some amazing experiences.

I'm excited for what lies ahead...

Bring it on 2021!

I'll take it all, the good with the bad and the scary with the fulfilling.

Our ultimate hope is in Jesus, that no matter what this life brings, He will never leave us or forsake us, and He won't leave us in the grave. This hope (confident expectation) has become an anchor for us as the years fly by. We look forward to the new year, but even more we look forward to the next life.

My prayer for my loved ones and each of you is that you would find this hope, this anchor, as you move forward into the new year.

*Hebrews 6:19 *Hebrews 13:5 *Psalm 16:10

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