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Updated: Sep 17, 2021

verb / say something in order to convey information, an opinion, or a feeling.

blog post speak

I am a lover of words.

Some people get caught up in the melody of a song, but I can't help but hunt down the lyrics and once I do, a mundane tune might become a masterpiece in my mind or,

if I find the lyrics lack substance,

a silly pop hit will be heard once and soon forgotten.

Have you ever had a song lyric, a book quote or a line from a movie just speak to you?

"Death cannot stop true love.

All it can do is delay it for a while."

This is quote SPEAKS to me. It's a silly line from a silly comedy, "The Princess Bride."

But wrapped up in these words is the childhood memory of my dad coming home from Blockbuster on a Friday night with this obscure VHS that of course went on to be my favorite movie.

After my dad passed away a few years ago,

I came across these words and they spoke to me:

"I love my dad and he loves me; we'll see each other again in the next life.

I miss him now, but our love is just delayed a bit til we see each other again."

I've always had an appreciation for any writer that could so perfectly spark a reaction, an emotion, an encouragement or laugh with such ease.

Last year, I started using my typewriter to hand type the gift messages that are attached to some of the orders that come into my Etsy shop. I use blank book pages from tattered, old copies and type someone's words of thanks, birthday wishes or encouragement. There was one message that encouraged me as much as I hope it

encouraged the person it was intended for.

It said:

"There's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it's worth fighting for."

The words of J.R.R. Tolkien spoke to me. It had been a hard week, hard month, hard year... but Sam was right, there's plenty of good to press on , push forward and fight for.

book quote magnets

I know how much a simple line can affect me and I've been pondering on how to share that with all of you. I have some creative ideas bouncing around, but the first simple idea has materialized.

I spent some time creating a few graphic designs of my favorite book quotes and turned them into magnets. I have quotes all over my house and thought maybe you'd like some too.

Maybe you know someone that could use a little something that speaks to them, you could send one their way, and hey, I'll type up your gift message to go with it!

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