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Hello... it's me.

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

blog post introduction
A Happy Thought Indeed

For anyone that had an Adele song pop into their head right now... I'm sorry or you're welcome based on your specific feelings about Adele.

It's been a little while since I've sat down to write something here, so I wanted to just say hello and maybe introduce myself if you're finding my page for the first time.

I'm celebrating 20 years of marriage this summer to my all-time favorite person and besides giving my life to Jesus, I'd say marrying this man has been the best decision I've ever made. Every day, he points me to Christ and encourages me to put my hope (confident expectation) in the Resurrection, the coming Kingdom that we are promised in scripture. He's also my biggest cheerleader. Every big, new challenge I've taken on has been because he was in my corner telling me how incredibly capable I was.

Appleton, Wisconsin coffee date
Coffee date

We have 3 awesome kids together, and this year they will all be teenagers. We've home-schooled the whole way through, so this is the home stretch of an amazing season of my life. My oldest teen graduates this year and it is bittersweet, for sure. I'm so proud of her accomplishment, and I'm proud of mine... but I'm already missing her before she's gone. What an exciting time it is though, to see all of my kids grow, mature and step out into the world.


exploring Wisconsin
exploring wisconsin

We love to go on family road trips. Last summer, we hit 25 states outside of Wisconsin and had a blast exploring so many different parts of our beautiful country.

My favorite spots so far:

  1. Savannah, Georgia: the architecture, the history, the moss... this is a city I want to explore again and again

  2. Yellowstone National Park: it feels like exploring another planet. The vibrant colors of the hot springs, the wildlife, the realization that you're really just walking around on top of a volcano...

  3. Gettysburg: Watch the entire Ken Burns Civil War documentary series, read books and watch videos about the Civil War for a couple years, then try to stand there in the middle of that empty battlefield and try not to cry

  4. Northern Wisconsin: My husband took us on an amazing trip from gorgeous waterfalls to beautiful Lake Superior, down along the Mississippi River and back toward home and even hiking through some spots in our rain boots and ponchos, we all had such a good time. I definitely want to do it again and hope for some sunshine!

  5. Rosemary Beach, Florida/Gulf of Mexico: I've seen the stars on a clear night camping in the Rocky Mountains, but WOW what an experience to stand with my toes in the water, standing on the beach and looking out at the night sky over the Gulf of Mexico!

As much as we love adventures, we also just love spending time together at home. You'd think we'd get sick of each other, but we just don't! We love family movie nights with freshly popped popcorn and smoothies, and games of Risk that end up going into the wee hours past our bedtime. We spend time in the Word together and all the deep heart talks as a result are my absolute favorite thing as a mama.


I'm SO thankful to have a business that is almost entirely run out of my home at this point. For years, I set up a tent at events every weekend and now I've shifted to selling here on my website, in my Etsy shop, and in stores around Wisconsin.

I have just a few events scheduled for the year so I can still connect, meet new people and say hello to old friends.

If you're local, pop over to my events list to see what I've got going on!

Are you adventurers?

Are you homebodies?

A little of both?

Tell me in the comments!

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