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Updated: Sep 17, 2021



literature in the form of prose, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people.

book page jewelry

I’ve always loved reading. Since childhood, I’ve enjoyed going on adventures and solving mysteries while being safely tucked in the same spot in my bedroom for hours and hours.

As a home-school mom, I’ve handpicked favorite books and classic stories to read to my kids or have them read. With daughters in high school, it’s been so much fun to discuss Austen and Bronte and Shakespeare. Books can entertain us, excite us, make us laugh or bring us to tears. For a short time, we live in the world the author has created.

book page jewelry

Our bookshelves are filled with much more than Marie Kondo would approve of… and that’s just the “reading library.” We have books in this house that are for reading, for décor (vintage copies and sentimental copies passed down from family members), and for destroying. Yep! It’s true! I confess! I’m a book lover and I have a full collection of my favorite books that are simply for cutting apart. Don’t worry, I’m careful to keep this collection separate from the rest!

book page jewelry
Lord of the Rings map bracelet

You see, back in 2012, my mother-in-law was selling doll clothes at a craft fair and invited me and her daughters to join her, selling our crafty creations. I knew right away I would pick up an old thrift store copy of Pride and Prejudice and make Mr. Darcy necklaces. He IS my favorite swoon-worthy fictional character, after all. And yes, I did apologize to Ms. Austen before that first cut… Well, the necklaces were a hit and that was the very beginning of my business, “A Happy Thought Indeed,” which is a quote from Pride and Prejudice and a nod to my appreciation of the very snarky Jane Austen.

Since then, I’ve scoured thrift stores for torn, beat up copies of my favorite books and I give them new life as necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, key chains and more. Over the years, I’ve added vintage dictionaries, hymnals and one or two torn up Bibles that I hope the Lord is cool with my re-purposing.

Book lover. Book nerd. Book destroyer? Book rescuer, perhaps.

What’s your favorite story?

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