MKE Local Market 2020:
2020 markets are cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions
We'll see you in 2021!





MKE     Local     Market

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Sue Smith (A Happy Thought Indeed) and Rachaad Howard (Rep Wisconsin) teamed up to organize the first MKE Local Market in November of 2018.  As Milwaukee creatives, for several years they kept bumping into each other as vendors at different events throughout the city. Chatting at various events, one topic kept coming up; “we could do this.” 


As the organizers of the MKE Local Market, Sue and Rachaad are able to invite artists and small business owners to come together to put on display the diverse creativity Milwaukee has to offer. The market is held inside the Third Branch Creative Studio, which is on the 2nd floor of the Artisan MKE building in Walker’s point, just across the street from another Milwaukee favorite, Purple Door Ice Cream.  

MKE     Local     Market