Why the Name?

Whence Came the "Happy Thought"

You know it, don't you?

The BBC Version. Elizabeth Bennet, on tour of Mr. Collins's parsonage, stands astonished at the sight before her: the bedroom closet's door, flung open wide by its proud owner. He is spouting magnanimous something-or-others about his generous benefactress whose benevolence has endowed said closet with....

yes. Shelves.

"Shelves in the closet," Elizabeth muses at the novel idea. "Happy thought indeed."

Shelves in the closet, baskets on the walls, cubbies in the cupboards... making use of found space-- yes, a happy thought indeed.

Redeeming space, grabbing innovative ideas, battling my own pile-making tendencies, and embracing small-space living one "found" corner at a time... that's what this blog is about.
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