Friday, September 16, 2011

Take a Stroll: More Canvas Ideas

Since creating our over-the-t.v. gallery on canvas, I've stumbled upon and taken note of several brilliant canvas-decor posts across the blogosphere. Take a look:

  • Mod Podge your own photo onto a canvas. It's vintagey, it's awesome, and you'll love it.
  • Canvas word art- I'm a sucker for wordy things, and this is just beautiful.
  • Puffy paint design (don't let the words "puffy paint" conjur images of elementary school t-shirt projects gone awry. The effect here is pretty elegant!)
  • Toilet paper roll art (again... don't write it off too soon-- you'd never know it's made from toilet paper rolls!)

I love our canvas gallery, but after finding these ideas, I have to ask:
 Is it completely ridiculous to create a rotating wardrobe of canvas art for covering our t.v.?
Probably so. I'll just admire these ideas from afar for now.
Happy weekend!

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