Friday, September 23, 2011

Take a Stroll: Freezer cooking, Priorities, and DIY daybeds

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Fridays are for wandering... here are some links to reading I've enjoyed recently. Mosey on over!
  • A post that has revolutionized my perception of "freezer cooking." I used to stay far, far away from freezer cooking because I was exhausted just thinking about fully cooking meal upon meal in one marathon day. Who knows why it never occured to my feeble brain that you can just do prep work, such as preparing pre-marinated, ready-to-grill meat, and then freeze the ready-to-cook raw meal. We lived off of this strategy last summer** thanks to this post.
  • One mother's perspective on priorities at home: "Forget what is unnecessary. Focus on that which is important- your children's souls! NOT checking off the to-do list. NOT a pristine house. NOT a perfect meal. ...just three little souls, bound for Heaven someday."
  • Liked the clever couch-turned-guest bed in the video 2 Fridays ago? Here's another similar project, complete with step-by-step instructions!

** Yes, I did just refer to this past summer as "last summer." I have come to terms that it is now, for all intensive purposes, in the past. Moment of silence please.

Now bring on the Autumn!

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