Monday, September 26, 2011

The Story of a Jar

Last Monday, on A Happy Thought Indeed, the fruitbowl got a new home.

It is now a stout sentinel, guarding its the former hot-spot counter space from the wiles of the pilemaker ( and helping me remember to sort my mail instead of pile it. Read all about it here.

However, its absence was being felt in the dark recesses of a kitchen corner where it once stood... a gaping void, a space begging to be used to relieve some of the tension in my precariously packed pantry.

Perhaps things were not quite that dramatic, but that truly was the predicament. See gaping hole below: a tooth-lorn youngin', sporting a small-scale black hole in his proud grin...

I decline to show a picture of the state of the pantry.

Let's just say that my ambitious Saturday morning dive into the stores of everything-that-won't-fit-anywhere-else to retrieve the pancake griddle ended in a shattered jar of almond butter. Oh, and me-- slightly fuming.

The images of a peaceful weekend morning with a surprise stack-o-flapjacks were displaced by the reality of my scathing glares at the clock, silently censuring that intrusive device for having the audacity to keep moving forward as I scooped up almond butter and glass and frantically tried to feed people before they had to leave. Darn that top shelf of the pantry. How dare it be so hazardous.

Anyhow, suffice it to say that there was a hole on the counter waiting to be filled, and a shelf in the pantry waiting to be (slightly) emptied. What else was I to do but go out and find a Behemoth-sized jar? Really. Over 10 pounds of whole wheat flour needed to move. That plucky little white flour canister on the counter was adorably offering itself for use, but it just wouldn't do for the massive migrating stockpile.

Plus, there was the issue of this picture:

*Sigh.* A jar! On the counter! With a teacup presiding indefinitely for measuring purposes! A happy thought indeed.

It had to be done.

This post should have been over by now, but I've let my fingers run away with me once again and become way too wordy. So, I shall now leave off with the typing and give you a visual history of the progression.

All's well, that ends well. Especially because, that teacup that I brought in from the bedroom? It measures exactly 1 standard cup of flour. Excellent.

A few last notes:
  • This jar is filled with a full 10 pound bag of flour plus whatever I had left in my already open flour (which you can see pictured in the first snapshot of the sequence). Probably about 12 pounds total.
  • I could've sworn this jar (purchased at Target for $15) was 2.5 gallons, but all I can find to link to for you on Amazon is a 2 gallon. Here you go:

Back to you: Am I the only one out there with (a) a pantry avalanche story, or (b) a giant jar on the counter? Lend some solidarity... what's your story?

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