Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reading Refuge

Oh, how I love Jane Eyre. Place a copy of the book in my hands,  plop me down in front of any of the film versions,  or even slip that slim new-fangled e-reader into my posession loaded with the timeless tale, and I'm a happy camper.

Although there's not much to envy in young Jane's life at Gateshead with the formidable Mrs. Reed, I do so love her curtain-cloistered window seat. She sneaks into the veiled retreat, escaping her stark childhood in the pages of a beckoning book.

Wouldn't it be splendid to create such a lovely spot for relishing stolen snatches of time? 5 minutes' peace, exponentially multiplied by the sheer loveliness of the nook? The question is, is there room for one in a small living space?

That treehouse retreat (above) and the innovative hanging of curtains from the ceiling (below) make the think the answer is... possibly.

As much as I'm infatuated with the treehouse's treehouse-ness, it's actually the fabric that I noticed, thinking I could create a similar effect indoors. The treehouse uses sheer curtains for walls. In a small indoor space, my hypothesis is that such material would allow window light to continue to pass through to the room, add a feeling of airiness, and still maintain a bit of the "hidden retreat" feel that I'd love.

The curtains hanging from the celing give freedom to create the reading nook anywhere-- around any chair, bench, couch, loveseat, pew (wouldn't that be cool?!), etc., regardless of the presence, or lack thereof, of existing adjascent walls (like Jane's... see what she's leaning up against?).

And now I shall shop the house and see what can be snagged for use in creating the longed-for nook. Will it succeed? Time will tell. I'll keep you posted.

Do you have a nook? What would your ideal small-scale retreat be?

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