Monday, September 12, 2011

The Problem of the Black Hole

There it sits, ominously reigning over its living-room domain and effectively suffocating the airy cottage feeling I've toiled puttered for.

It robs the mantel of some prime wall real estate that could otherwise be used for a mirror or some such breath-of-fresh-air accent. It draws the gaze from every seat, the accidental focal point of a room where I want peace to preside... not a portal to the noisy media that so invades.

...and yet... where else could it go?

It's a problem.

I've sketched solutions, including (but not limited to) the following floundering ideas:

Idea and Reason for Subsequent Squelching of Said Idea:
  1. Build a cupboard of some sort (including beadboard...oh,  how I love beadboard...) around it. Reason that won't work: when open, the doors would block the view from some seats. Also time consuming and possibly pricey to build.
  2. Lean shutters up against it. Reason that won't work: I'm plagued by paranoia. What if there's an earthquake and the shutters fall and konk someone on the head? I could secure them with a hook, but that would make them labor-intensive to remove and re-mount them each time, and they would end up stashed behind a chair indefinitely.
  3. Get rid of the tv. It wouldn't be that big of an adjustment; after all, we don't get any channels on it. However, we do enjoy a good family or at-home-date movie night, and a certain youngin' would be bereft of the beloved Cedarmont Kids.
Anyhow, I'd pretty much thrown in the towel and decided to live with its plasticy presence, when I came across this stroke of brilliance:

It's a canvas!  Over her t.v.! Brilliant, I say.

Now. I have measured my telly. I've scoured the internet for suitable canvases. But this non-commital decorator (I'm in the habit of ever changing things) can't settle on something.

Here, take a look:

Idea and Reason for Subsequent Squelching of Said Idea (Reprise):
  •  Purchase a canvas print. Reason squelched: a little too permanent and impersonal. I'd rather have a photo up there of a place I know or somewhere of significance to us.
  • Have a canvas printed with one of our photos. Reason squelched: priiiiicey! For the size we'd need, it would be over $100. Yowza. Also, what if our family grows? I would hate to spend that kind of money on a family photo canvas, then have another blessing come along and be left out. With that price, it would be hard to justify re-printing.
  • Paint my own picture. Reason squelched: It's no accident that you've not seen any original paintings of mine on this blog. Stick figures are not what I have in mind for this prominent wall space.
So, ye patient readers, I have come up with an idea that, if it works, would cater to my changeful vision. Stay tuned for my version of Maria's ingenious solution

Wish me luck as I tread the DIY waters with my scheme.  These ideas of mine so often look perfect in my mind's eye, but end up looking, well, um.... not. We shall see. One way or another, I'll update you Wednesday.

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