Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Problem of the Black Hole: Conclusion

On Monday, I ruthlessly regaled you all with the saga of my t.v. quandary. Read all about it here.

....and now, I present to you the conclusion of said saga: a tv cover which will cater to my changeful decorating whims. I call it "canvas and frames."

And, that being said, I could pretty much throw a picture up here and you could figure out the rest. However, I won't feel right about calling this a "tutorial" if I don't toss in at least one numbered list of steps, self-explanatory as they are.

Let the tutorial begin.

A few notes on materials:
  • The 2 8x10 frames are yard sale finds I had on hand. They were originally a gleaming gold.
  • The rest of the frames were from the Dollar Tree. I wanted cheap (i.e. light, not heavy), but visually interesting, and the dollar store delivered!
  • I used white craft paint I had on hand as a primer, and finished with Benjamin Moore's White Dove. I had intended to paint the canvas to match, but ended up liking the ever-so-slight contrast between the frames and the canvas.
  • Once again, thanks to Maria at John's Journal for her "Art over T.V." post for the inspiration!
  • Update: Since writing this post, I have hot-glued a small piece of felt ot the inside of the metal bracket to cushion it against the t.v. Highly recommend this step.

Of course, if you are gifted artistically you could whip out your painter's palette and create your own masterpiece.

Or, you could go the route of creating a customized canvas from a photo file. offers this service:


Anyhow, I've lived with my solution for a few months now (this 2-part series was written and scheduled over the summer) and am pleased with both the ease of use and the versatility. The room breathes easier without a looming black hole over the fireplace, and the wall seems a little more unified.

I'm planning to switch things up soon, remove the airy summer pictures I have there now, and replace them with plaid-clad Autumn photos. What says "Autumn" more than warm and subtle campy plaids?

Alright, creative geniuses. If someone handed you a blank canvas to hang on your t.v. today, what would you put on it?

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