Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Perspective: Memory Lane

In one of our previous one-bedroom dwellings, we once had the ambitious idea to sign up as hosts for  one course of a progressive dinner. We can pack 'em in, I thought, and took delight in preparing the simple salad course that evening for the 12 total people who would attend.

12 may not seem like many, but as people began to arrive, our tiny combo living room-dining room-kitchen increasingly resembled  a can of sardines in its occupancy-per-square-inch attributes.

4 people sat at our tiny round table, 4 others at a little collapsible number we'd borrowed, and wriggled into our already-tight furniture arrangement, and the rest sat around the coffee table on the couch, chairs, or floor.

It was not the most elegant stop that night, but we so enjoyed hearing gracious and reminiscent remarks like "Oh, this little house is just like where we lived when..." or "This reminds me of when we were first married...".  There were no proclamations of "I wish you had more room!" or "What were you thinking, oh naive one, to have us all here? How adorable that you thought it would work."

Today's reason to revel in small-space living: the chance to be the host of a trip down sweet memory lane.

What about you? Do you have any fond, funny, or otherwise memorable "pack 'em in" stories?

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