Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The "Perfect" Predicament

If you were me, and you couldn't bring yourself to throw away this perfectly good empty box containing a perfectly good cubbyhole divider, what would you use it for?

I'd use it for tea, but because...
(a) I'm vertically challenged,
(b) The tea is stored in the highest cabinets we have,
(c) I drink more tea than may actually be humanly possible (that's right. My superpower is tea-drinking.), and
(d) The boxes used to topple on me every time I reached waaay up and tried to pull a box out Jenga-style...
I solved that problem years ago. 
But here's what it'd look like, anyway, with the tea in the perfectly good box:
So, here's the challenge. Because I don't want to feed my hoarding tendencies, I'm going to trash this beautiful cardboard masterpiece if I don't find a good use for it soon.

I briefly considered using it as my very first giveaway item on the blog, but figured that would might be a little cheesey... especially since you could probably just go down to your supermarket and ask if they'd be willing to part with any dumpster-bound glass dividers for free. 

So... what would you use it for? Do tell!

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