Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Perspective: Warmth

or, Reasons to Revel in Small-Space Living.

Pollyanna knew what was what. There's always something to be glad about.What's that you say? Who IS this "Pollyanna," anyway?

Any day I get to introduce someone to Pollyanna is a good day. Press play.
{Also, please forgive my accidental and slightly grating rhyming in the past 2 sentences.}

The Glad Game. Wherein participants examine circumstances at hand in order to identify in great specificity  the benefits and joys to be found there.

So, identify the joys of small space living, we shall! One Tuesday at a time.

Perspective (or Glad Game), week 1:
It's the dead heat of July as I write this, but I plan to post it as Autumn nears and beckons.
Light a candle, one single jar, and let the cinnamon-y fragrance embrace your entire home (and its visitors) with warmth.

I'm glad of this. A single flame, fragrance flooding every nook and cranny of my cottage home.

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